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Aug 10, 2020

In this episode, we talk with Allen Paul. Allen paul is is an author, a blogger, and a public speaker among many other things. We talk with Allen about his past, and history related to. Current culture and perspective as well as the art and business worlds and how they might interchange. A great episode with another great guest, check it out!

Allen C. Paul is a driven and dedicated content professional whose entrepreneurial spirit has taken him down many paths. He is an author, a blogger, and a public speaker who shares his insights through multiple media channels. In his work, he covers themes ranging from faith and lifestyle to family and career with his always centered on growth. With a background in music, Allen understands the importance of artistic expression. This perspective inspired his creation of the faith-based creative platform God and Gigs which strives to help people around the world to find success while staying true to themselves. The God and Gigs brand has grown to include four self-published books, a successful podcast, social media, and the website featuring weekly articles and inspiration for those working in entertainment. In addition, Allen has been providing helpful and inspirational content on for over a decade. Formerly, the site has grown to cover a variety of topics important to people navigating our complex modern world. Content includes insights into family life, education, politics, culture, and more. Through the websites and social media platforms he manages and the written works he has created, Allen has proven his creative skill and vision as well as his dedication to making a difference in the world.

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All of that and more on this episode of The Jerry Brazie podcast!

So check it out and hear some unfiltered insight from someone who comes from nothing, who had made it big, and is talking about it in an unfiltered and honest way. It’s just his opinion, but he will make you think!

Let us know if any of this hits home for you and please forward this to anyone you know that may be thinking about starting a company, is struggling with an existing one, or is just interested in the game!


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