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Jul 7, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Josh Denny, who has spent the last decade traveling the country, enjoying a passionate love affair with food and serving up heaping portions of funny as a stand-up comedian. Originally from Philadelphia, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Josh's lifelong trip across our nation has armed him with a vast knowledge of what makes you smile, whether it be with a clever comedic observation, or dropping knowledge on the best eats in the country. 

Josh kicked off his comedy career by winning Crown Royal’s 2008 “midwest’s next big comic contest,” and has since released two hour-long stand-up comedy albums, including 2008's "honest brutality" and 2012's "social hand grenades" to warm reviews. 

Josh has been a lightning rod for saying what he thinks, something missing in today's society, and particularly refreshing. Why you may not like what he says, and some of his jokes may make you cringe, he has every right to say it, and he does not hold back. 

While I wanted to hear some of Josh's backstory, along with stories from his time on television as host of the Food Channels "Ginormous Food", to his ideas on the country and politics, what I was really interested in was talking about business. Josh has unique insight into one of the hardest businesses to own and operate, restaurants. His insight on what it takes, the people who do it, and their dedication, hard work, and fervent desire to produce the best quality possible are inspiring. 

I enjoyed the conversation, and I hope you do also.