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Mar 24, 2021

In this episode, we talk with Larry Dochin, an author, abuse survivor, and entrepreneur. We talk a lot about fear. How it controls your mind and actions and how you can overcome it to live your life the way you want. We discuss fear and past experiences in relation to business and life survival. We talk about how fear can play out in multiple ways through your actions and decisions in life, how to be aware of it, and how to cope with it. We touch on many aspects of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in this episode; let us know what you think!

Lawrence Doochin, is an author, abuse survivor, and entrepreneur. In his new book called: A Book on Fear: Feeling Safe in a Challenging World, he maps out a heartfelt method for overcoming fears and bad memories. Learn more at:

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All of that and more on this episode of The Jerry Brazie podcast!

So check it out and hear some unfiltered insight from someone who comes from nothing, who had made it big, and is talking about it in an unfiltered and honest way. It’s just his opinion, but he will make you think!

Let us know if any of this hits home for you and please forward this to anyone you know that may be thinking about starting a company, is struggling with an existing one, or is just interested in the game!


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