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Feb 8, 2021

Amazon is switching to the "megacycle," a term that talks about Amazon switching to 4 days, ten-hour shifts. Oh, the inhumanity of it all! It's all a travesty of justice and human compassion. Easily on a level with Christians being thrown to the lions, starving people in Africa, and anyone forced to watch anything with Joy Behar in it.

The over the top hyperbole around people asked to work ONLY four ten days shifts is frightening. Ok, they start at 1:00 am and go until 11:00 am, but here is the thing: If you don't like the hours, DON'T WORK AT AMAZON!

If you don't like the four day weeks, DON'T WORK AT AMAZON!

After all, you can always go work at the Post Office or the DMV if you want to provide crappy service, give your customers what they don't like, and lose billions in money every year. Problem solved, GO WORK AT THE DMV!

I wouldn't say I like Amazon; I think it's a monopoly. But they can have whatever hours they want. They can pay whatever they want, and as long as people are willing to do the work, the rest of us need to shut up about it.

And one more thing spelled out all in caps, UNIONS SUCK, sucking the life out of companies and employees alike.