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Sep 12, 2020

In this episode, we talk with a good friend of the show, Jorge Bueno (JB). JB is the CEO and founder of JB Performance Motors in Southern California. A performance shop focusing on late model GM vehicles. We talk with JB about how he got started working on cars, how he made that into a business, and some pitfalls along the way.

After working several years as an auto tech, Jorge opened a performance shop in southern California called JB Performance Motors. Working on late model GM, EFI vehicles. Specializing in the Corvette LS and LT engine platforms. He has a weekly podcast called the LS Freaks podcast where they talk about future projects and current car events.

All of that and more on this episode of The Jerry Brazie podcast!

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So check it out and hear some unfiltered insight from someone who comes from nothing, who had made it big, and is talking about it in an unfiltered and honest way. It’s just his opinion, but he will make you think!

Let us know if any of this hits home for you and please forward this to anyone you know that may be thinking about starting a company, is struggling with an existing one, or is just interested in the game!


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